myPRwire has got an unparalleled capability to get in touch with 500k premium media outlets, journalists, and 100k influencers for widespread coverage.

We are the leading provider of premium media distribution services; myPRwire delivers the absolute best in customer satisfaction and conversion rate for maximum return on investment.

Whether you are looking for content creation or content distribution to grow your social media presence, we are your knight in shining armor. We are equipped to help you seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We are the leading provider of premium media distribution services; myPRwire delivers the absolute best in customer satisfaction and conversion rate for maximum return on investment.

Whether you are looking for content creation or content distribution to grow your social media presence, we are your knight in shining armor. We are equipped to help you seven days a week, 365 days a year.

A solution for every department

Discover how myPRwire can help you act on decisions from the outside.

Media/Analyst Relations

The media landscape has shifted. The same old tactics don’t work in the age of new journalism, influencers and diversified analysts. Our team has connections, agility, persistence, and knowledge to secure meaningful results with the most influential reporters and plugged-in sources.

Business, trade and broadcast press relations

We target the most influential reporters and analysts based on our experience, knowledge and relationships. Our team puts you in front of the right targets, prepares you thoroughly, manages the process, aggressively pursues results, and helps you and your team develop strong, ongoing relationships with the right people.

Company, service and product launches

You can only launch once, so it’s critical to do it right. At myPRwire, we don’t execute cookie cutter launches – we develop custom plans based on corporate objectives, target market characteristics, news elements and the competitive environment.

Blogger and influencer campaigns

We are experts at targeting the top bloggers and influencers that align with your market. From guest posts to social media campaigns, we manage outreach, development, execution, and analysis to ensure your program’s success.

Pre-emptive and opportunistic efforts

At myPRwire, we don’t just wait for things to happen — we make them happen. We’re constantly monitoring trends and the news for opportunities to insert your company into the industry dialog.

Speaking and media training

Whether it’s a full day of media training with mock interviews, preparing for testimony before Congress or a simple spokesperson refresh, our experienced team of PR pros and former journalists help you prepare to effectively get your message across.

Social & Digital Media

We were successfully executing social media long before it became part of the standard PR toolkit. We will develop a customized social strategy
based on your objectives and the digital communication patterns of your target markets

Social media management

We make sure you are participating in meaningful conversations with the people that matter, whether that means completely running your social channels, executing a paid social media campaign, reaching out to social media influencers, creating joint promotional programs, or developing content for profiles, blogs, and other special efforts.

Paid and earned ads

The right balance of paid and earned ads can play a crucial role in leveraging social media to increase visibility and drive results. From targeting the right demographic to executing creative programs, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver social media ad campaigns that convert.

Campaign analytics

We believe that measurement is an essential part of any marketing or PR effort. We also know that what’s effective today may change tomorrow. That’s why we’ve developed a custom blend of qualitative and quantitative measurement tools to help us determine the efficacy of your programs. Our analytic tool kit consists of Google Analytics, message alignment, publication website traffic statistics, social campaign metrics and more.

Community Development

We helped pioneer the democratization of media and the Wisdom of the Crowd. We can marshal communities that strengthen your relationships and promote your company’s goals. We’ll help you organize and run customer, technology and partner communities that exhibit that perfect balance of credibility, independence and leadership.

Company-wide social efforts

Many companies overlook the potential impact of employee contributions to company social media. We offer company-wide training events that will help you harness the power of your employees to amplify your voice.

Content Development

Your target markets are constantly evolving and the kind of information that influences them is changing rapidly. At myPRwire, we understand that effective content marketing and communication is no longer just about traditional media. Instead, we look at the broad spectrum of materials that will positively influence people – paid and earned content, white papers, contributed articles, op-ed pieces, webinars, videos, advertising and more.

Promotional materials and editorial content

Our experienced team of marketing and journalism experts can help you build a brand narrative, highlight what makes you unique, and connect with consumers and other businesses. From promotional material such as website copy, slide decks and infographics to editorial content such as contributed articles, press materials, and white papers, we can manage and fill your entire content development pipeline. If you’re looking to expand internal or external thought leadership campaigns, we can create product manifestos, e-books and more.

MarCom sourcing and management

As the boundaries of marketing and PR expand, so has our ability to execute comprehensive programs that deliver strategic results and minimize coordination among multiple sources. Our team of digital marketing experts can manage the entire end-to-end process, providing website development, sales/customer and partner materials, app development, social media management, email campaigns, online events, e-commerce storefronts and more.

Survey development and publicity

We have experience developing market surveys on compelling trends and topics. Surveys can be conducted monthly or quarterly to measure trends over time, lock in a regular cadence of top-tier press coverage and cement your position as a thought leader. Our content development team can also create infographics and digital assets for press placement and marketing collateral.

Video and broadcast

Video moves like no other medium. We can drive your digital content from the initial brainstorming session all the way through script development, production, distribution, and promotion. Whether you are looking to live to stream a new product release or develop a customer video, we can transform your message into a compelling visual statement. We can also help you land broadcast appearances on TV, web shows and satellite media tours.

Corporate & Product Marketing

Our team of marketing and digital experts develop winning campaigns that drive sales and leave the competition scrambling to keep up.
Whether you’re taking on an 800-lb competitive gorilla, getting ready to launch a new product or company, or trying to draw heavy hitting investors, we’ll help you craft a narrative that breaks market logjams and positions you for success.

Corporate, technology and product positioning

In a crowded industry, clear and compelling differentiation will cut through the market noise. After conducting preliminary research and interviewing key stakeholders, we’ll develop unique, effective messaging that motivates customers to buy and partners to align.

Product, technology and category naming

Naming plays a foundational role in market perception. Creativity grounded in market motivation and product branding is an art form. We provide the right mix of imagination and reasoning to spur desired actions and achieve results.

Market perception audits and analysis

Members of our team possess rich research backgrounds from respected organizations like SRI International and Regis McKenna. We count on this expertise to develop nuanced, effective primary research and analyze secondary research, delivering unique insights and greater understanding of your target markets, influencers and stakeholders.

Guerilla marketing

Sometimes you need to take to the streets and reach your target market through unconventional methods, venues and messages. From pop-ups to promotions and performance, we know how to speak your market’s language and execute street smart campaigns.

Crisis aversion and management

The smartest companies know that preparing a crisis plan is an effective way to mitigate the impact of any controversy. At myPRwire, we’ve developed B2B and consumer product crisis plans and responses that have helped to effectively prepare for and even avoid serious issues.

Your Story. Well Told.

Work that matters is not what we do.

Define Brands.

What do you stand for?
What is your value in the market?
How are you different, memorable, and recognizable?

Tools & solutions:

Research, Brand strategy, Naming, Visual identity, Taglines, Messaging, Style guidelines

Activate Brands.

How do you tell your story?
How do you reach your audience?
How do you foster interaction and engagement?

Tools & solutions:

Advertising, Press coverage, Media relations, Press writing, Mass outreach, Reputation, Influencers, Targeted outreach, Digital media, Product Marketing