How Chicken Leg Piece Guy Became Legendary Connoisseur of Food Inspiring the Sauciest Memes

Three words. Chicken. Leg. Piece.

Welcome to the far-spreading viral video by originally posted by frequent TikTok user @Ulhaskamathe enjoying the delicious Indian staple of chicken kolhapuri.

He is an official devotee of delicious foods and how much they deserve to be appreciated before they are eaten.

He’s no stranger to posting popular videos on the short-form app, but he really, really went viral in early December for the way he said “chicken leg piece” before dug into his drumstick.

In his big moment, he simply eats his meal, and announces the drumstick he’s about to consume very matter of factly much to the delight of the millions watching. “Chicken leg piece,” he says. Yes it is good sir. It’s saucy and he even enjoys the parsley for that extra dash of flavor.

From there, it took off on TikTok’s stratosphere and many, many people have since created their own versions and tributes.

All he did was chat to the camera about his plate. But it’s so widespread that there are already curated YouTube compilations of never-ending streams of people imitating him and chicken leg piece memes.

Perhaps it was his charisma that catapulted his snippet to internet stardom status, as everyone could try to capture the magic of his narrated meal.

Impress your friends at holiday dinner with the chicken leg piece origin story.

While this trend hasn’t yet been covered by another publication yet, “chicken leg bis” does have its own Urban Dictionary entry. So as usual, it’s a great day to be “chicken leg piece guy” as he’s been dubbed.

We’re still waiting for the sweeping orchestra to back this guy up.

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