Girl Repeatedly Frightening Her Grandpa Is a Very Dedicated Prankster

Reddit may be better known for its international treasure hunts, AMA question and answer sessions, conspiracy theories, and Photoshop battles, but one of the sweetest, safest spaces on Reddit is the subreddit known as r/WholesomeMemes. There people share cute GIFs, heartwarming videos, and inspiring stories. This video of a girl scaring her grandpa over and over again, per Mashable would fit right in.

A video was posted to the YouTube account, Don’t Die Wondering, titled “My grandpa bet I couldn’t scare him…” As the title implies, when a grandfather told his granddaughter that she would never be able to scare him, she took his bet as a challenge. The video documents the girl startling, if not exactly scaring, the tuna salad out of her grandpa again and again and yet again.

She wakes him when he’s napping, sneaks up on him in the garage, gets him mid-workout, frightens him at a store, gives him a start while he’s working in the yard, and pranks him mid-snooze. In short, she proves him very, very wrong and we all get to join in the fun.

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