Dog Watching Longingly as Uninvited Coyote Plays With Her Own Toys Keeps It Admirably Chill About It

Children are often taught that sharing is caring, but pets don’t necessarily receive that same education. Just invite a friend’s pet over for a playdate and watch what happens when Scruffy tries to drink from your bulldog’s bowl. It could be an ugly sight.

But one Goldendoodle named Penny remained remarkably calm in a now-viral video, as a coyote played with some of her toys in the backyard. Penny watched longingly, turning to her owner with puppy dog eyes. “Guess I have a pet coyote now,” TikTok user @bauliflower wrote in his post. “10/10 would snuggle.”

@bauliflowerGuess i have a pet coyote now, 10/10 would snuggle. #dog #coyote #fyp #foryou #foyoupage #funny #animals #goldendoodle

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While the video, which reached over 500,000 likes on the app and almost 4,000 comments as of Tuesday afternoon, claims the toy thief is a coyote, some commenters believed it to be a wolf, citing its playfulness as the main reason. Others agreed that the fluffy guy looked like a coyote.

Regardless, it seems the Penny would be envious either way. Hopefully, this coyote-fox had the decency to leave some yard toys untouched.

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