Birds Meet Their Fly Sneaker ‘Twins’ in This Highly Amusing Thread

Twitter can be a useful tool for joking about cultural events, connecting with friends or fans, engaging in fun games, and learning about news events and tracking global politics. Or, depending on your outlook, it’s a nightmare social media site filled with bots and trolls, fake news, old memes, and joke accounts. (Just ask Devin Nunes!)

However, amid all the noise, occasionally, brilliance emerges and the world comes together to bask in its brilliance. Such is the case with a recent Twitter thread that pairs birds with matching sneakers.

Dario Taraborelli, who uses the handle @ReaderMeter on Twitter, came up with the genius pairing of ornithology and super fly sneakers. In an 11-part Twitter thread, Taraborelli matched a bird to a basketball sneaker. For instance, the yellow and black color scheme of the Nike Dunk High “Wu Tang”, released in 1999, perfectly matches the yellow and block coloring on the Townsend’s Warbler. Similarly, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Shattered Backboard”, released in 2015, mirrors the orange and black colors on the Bullock’s Oriole and the Nike Air Max LeBron, released in 2010, has the exact same teal and black tones as the Green Honeycreeper made by Mother Nature herself.

Sneakers and birds are an unlikely pairing, but thanks to Twitter everyone can enjoy the unique match up. Now if someone could just make a Twitter thread comparing birds to Allbirds or Bird Scooters.

Think I’m gonna start a tumblr called “sneakers & birds”.

1) Nike Dunk High “Wu Tang” (1999) vs Townsend’s Warbler.

— Dario Taraborelli (@ReaderMeter) April 7, 2019

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