Billy Porter’s Grammys Red Carpet Look Is the Ultimate In Glamorously Avoiding Confrontation

Leave it to Billy Porter to bring a conversation-starting look to the Grammys red carpet. The actor and performer showed up to the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night in a scene-stealing glittering turquoise suit. But the real show-stopping feature was Porter’s hat: a matching blue headpiece with a curtain of silver fringe that swept aside via remote control for a dramatic reveal.

Naturally, spectators couldn’t help but consider the potential alternative uses for the Pose star‘s look, which provides ultimate privacy to the wearer — and the element of surprise when the lampshade-like fringe parts. In a tweet, Porter noted the outfit was designed by Scott Studenberg, with the hat custom made by Sokol Millinery with mechanical engineering from Sm00th Tech. As usual, he worked with stylist Sam Ratelle.

Me arriving at the courthouse as the surprise witness in the trial of Leeloo Dallas.

— R. Eric Thomas (@oureric) January 27, 2020

Me: I hate drama

Also me when there’s drama:

— Sam Stryker (@sbstryker) January 27, 2020

Me deciding to add to the conversation after being mute the entire time.

— Brittny Pierre 🥳♒️ (@sleep2dream) January 27, 2020

Billy Porter's silver fringe makes him look like Geordi LaForge's fabulous cousin on his mother's side, Gorgeous LaForge.

— R. Eric Thomas (@oureric) January 27, 2020

Me blocking negativity like…🙌#billyporter

— . (@GeoCast85) January 27, 2020

Get on my nerves, and the curtain closes! 😂 Living for my lewk styled by @sammyratelle with a custom design by @scottstudenberg of @bajaeast and featuring a custom hat by @sokolmillinery & mechanically engineered by @SM00TH_TECH.

— Billy Porter (@theebillyporter) January 27, 2020

Porter is no stranger to bringing meaningful, meme-sparking fashion to red carpets; in fact, he’s become a red carpet icon in the last few years, known for everything from tuxedo gowns to costumes emulating the Eygptian sun god Ra. But this one seems particularly well-suited for the internet to turn into a memorable moment — as Porter clearly was after.

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