A 27-Year-Old Man Died After Being Held at a California Immigration Detention Facility, Rights Group Says

(SANTA ANA, Calif.) — Immigrant advocates say a man died after he was held at California’s biggest detention facility in Adelanto.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights said Monday that 27-year-old Jose Ibarra Bucio collapsed on his way to an immigration court hearing in February and was taken to a hospital by detention officials and later went into a coma.

The group will hold a press conference Wednesday to seek information from U.S. and detention officials about his death.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement says Ibarra was taken into custody from state prison following a conviction for fleeing a traffic officer while driving recklessly. The agency says he was held in Adelanto and released on Feb. 22 “with respect to humanitarian concerns.”

The report comes as the city of Adelanto has moved to end its contract with immigration authorities and a private prison company for the facility amid complaints about conditions.

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