Los Angeles, CA, (April 1, 2017) Berkshire, England-born actress Victoria Summer, best known for playing Julie Andrews opposite Tom Hanks, Emma Thomson and Colin Farrell in the Oscar Nominated film “Saving Mrs. Banks” and known most recently for her breakout role as Eleanor Morgan alongside “American Pie” alum Chris Klein in “Game of Aces” will be playing the title lead role in the upcoming indie thriller “Alexis Colette”.

This ingenious film, which was conceived and co-written by creative auteur Anthony W. Johnson, a published poet and prolific writer in his right, is set during the McCarthy era 1950’s America and takes place inside of the now infamous Eloise Mental Asylum.

The story, which centers around a young, passionate journalist named Eric, who seeks to discover whether the legendary mysteries surrounding the hauntings and several unexplained deaths at the Asylum in the 1950’s were as the result of natural causes, murder, or the results of risky, then considered, ground-breaking methods like electroshock therapy, mind control and lobotomies.

An elderly Guide, not only escorts the young reporter throughout the abandoned building, but helps steer the buried history, and mysteries of the eerie asylum, including that of the young Alex, and a vibrant showgirl named Alexis Colette. Alexis, who is married to the successful doctor that heads the Asylum, begins her journey as a product of her time, where women often dressed and acted like dolls.

Moreover, not only may she possibly be the culprit, she furthermore, but could also be the ghost that currently inhabits the Eloise Mental Asylum to this very day. When asked why he was so determined to land Victoria Summer for the lead title role of Alexis Colette, Anthony W Johnson responded, “Aside from her apparently extraordinary and timeless beauty, I was immediately drawn to her acting prowess… her sensibilities; also, the role requires a triple threat talent with dynamic vocal and acting range such as Victoria, whom also possesses a perfect blend of gut instinct and classical training”. Johnson went on to add, “I have also been so fortunate to have co-written the script with an amazingly gifted writer Louiza Zouzias, who brings lots of clarity, precision and discipline to my work”.

Executive Producer and owner of Samaco Films, Franco Sama, who has executive produced over 20 successful independent feature films starring the likes of such notable stars as Gary Oldman, Christian Slater, Dane Cook, Thora Birch, Kathleen Quinlan, Chris Klein, David Arquette and Vivica A. Fox, and has partnered with Laughing Man on Fire Productions, helmed by the films’ creator Anthony W. Johnson, to produce and provide funding for the project, which is currently in the late stages of development and is slated to enter into pre-production in the first quarter of 2018. The filmmakers are currently in talks with several high-profile directors and plan to enter the final stages of the principle casting phase by the end of this year.

Alexis Colette is destined to become the next “Sixth Sense” as moviegoers will want to conspire to keep a deep, dark secret and will want to watch the film over and over again to discover what they missed the first or second time around.

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