The Wantagh Cedar Creek Sewage Plant now give the PC name of South Shore Water Reclamation Facility has a history that we cannot forget, During Superstorm Sandy, the plant, which sits just yards from the bay, was knocked out of service for two days after being hit with a 9-foot tidal surge. It dumped an estimated 2 million gallons of raw sewage and 2.2 billion gallons of partially treated sewage in the bay waters in the 44 days after the storm — the worst sewage overflow in New York state and the second-worst in the Northeast, according to scientific researchers at

Now part of the plan to try to reduce the problems we have from the methane gas smell and the risk of having raw sewage in our backyard there is a plan to use an 110-year-old, right water pipe that runs under Sunrise Highway as a possible conduit for treated waste from the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant. All to try to safeguard the very venerable Wantagh Neighborhood and Bay.

The Plant Opened in 1973, mgdWantagh NY, Nassau’s Cedar Creek sewage plant, tucked away behind the scenic waterfront picnic areas and playgrounds of county-run Cedar Creek Park bordering Wantagh and Seaford, performs a critically necessary function for Long Islanders. The 70-acre facility is permitted by the New York State (NYS) Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to receive and treat up to 72 million gallons per mg) of sewage and wastewater sent from the drains and toilets of countless homes, businesses and hospitals spanning the Suffolk County border on the east to Freeport on the west and parts of the North Shore.

But is It Safe?

The fact is Flush the toilet, pretty much anywhere within these parameters and its contents will end up in some shape or form at this plant. The problem is the plant is aging and could be in need of great repair, part of the question is, why build this plant so close to children’s play grounds and schools when clearly it is releasing orders from methane gas produced from treatment of human waste. The fact is this plant processes everything from, Oils, to paints, blood is something you would think would be located far from kids or any housing.

The Concern

As the plant has gotten older the neighborhood has noticed more and more times when you can smell the methane gas even all the way to the tip of North Wantagh, And even greater concern is if the plant stopped working or had an explosion or malfunction. Base on previous reports this could lead to sewage in the streets. It could result in sewage in the basements of people’s homes and backyards.
Further investigation will be forth coming to find out want can be done to end the intermittent problems of the sewage smell in the Wantagh area, as well as find out what plans are in place if the plant would face a 100 percent shutdown or worst case explosion as of now most home owners know of now evacuation plans or ways to be notified.