Offers a complete, comprehensive, end-to-end solution for companies of all sizes

Lewes, Delaware: Sable, Inc. d.b.a. SableCRM+ is happy to announce the official launch of SableCRM+, a SaaS business platform for the alarm industry. Decades of experience in the sector has to lead us to create a fully integrated and highly automated one of a kind, new cloud based platform that will add unprecedented efficiency to security companies.

“Unlike other SaaS options, SableCRM+ is not merely an out of the box solution for business management,” says Craig Metzger, President and CEO of New Jersey based GuardMe Security, “It is a powerful, intelligent and customizable software platform that is built to grow along with our business.”

SableCRM+ is equipped with three customized levels of service. The core CRM+ subscription includes enterprise CRM, fully integrated accounting, powerfully recurring billing, and healthy inventory control for office staff and management. The mobile tech portal empowers technicians to notify clients of arrival times, register new accounts, check signals, and activate systems without back office support. The sales portal is a mobile tool for sales representatives to complete the sales process from credit check to e-contract completion.

Steven Hayes, SableCRM+’s Vice President of Sales and Development boasts that “SableCRM+ is built and managed by alarm professionals with decades of experience, giving us an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of a complex industry.”

The target customer for SableCRM+ is alarm companies seeking to grow their business without growing their back office. SableCRM+ integrates directly with some of the leading service providers in the industry, including Moni Smart Security,, Zoho, Transunion, RingCentral, and Docusign. These deep integrations allow alarm companies to run their business with great efficiency and great reporting that is built to scale with growth. SableCRM+ will officially launch April 1st, 2017.

About SableCRM+: SableCRM+ is Complete SaaS Business Security Software by Security Experts.

For more information visit or contact Steven Hayes at [email protected]