Baker Brothers Easy Handling Watermelon System, a professional writing firm, has launched a redesigned and revamped website that is mobile friendly

ELLENTON, GA – The professional writing firm of Baker Brothers Easy Handling Watermelon System today relaunched its website in a mobile friendly version. The site is

“Our old design was good, but it was just not mobile friendly. We needed something to let people view our site on tablets and smartphones,” said Shag Baker, co-owner of the writing company. The new design is ‘scalable’ and will adjust to fit the screen on smaller electronic devices.”

The new site is also larger than the old one. It contains a more comprehensive look at the services offered by the writing firm and an updated price list. Anyone who needs something written, no matter what it is, can find out what the Baker Brothers can do with the mobile-friendly website.

The full scope of services now includes grant writing for nonprofits and other groups. Baker Brothers recently brought Greg Millette on board. Mr. Millette is an expert in grant writing, having spent his professional career working with and serving as the executive director of various non-profit associations in Georgia.

The new website will offer free advice to anyone who is interested in writing.

“We are also adding a blog. We’re going to talk about how to write better press releases, how to do better research and when you need to send out news announcements,” Mr. Baker said. “Most people don’t know how or why to write a press release. Because of this, they miss some very real opportunities to get their message out to more people.”

The new website also contains a list of topics for press releases and news announcements.

“We really want the site to be helpful to people,” said Ben Baker, co-owner of the writing firm. “Local media really wants local content, but staffing cuts mean the local newspaper, radio or TV station can’t get to everyone. A good press release is an as much help to the local media as it is to the business.”

For more information or to read about how to produce a press release, visit

ABOUT BAKER BROTHERS – Baker Brothers Easy Handling Watermelon System is the named coined by the Baker Brothers late father Benny Baker and their uncle Mickey Baker. The conveyor belt system used to load watermelons today was invented by Benny. Shag and Ben named the company to honor their late father and his invention. They are also writers, something Benny wanted at least one of his three children to become. The Baker Brothers write just about anything except graduate level and high research papers. Their slogan is “We write.”

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